Petition Update

The support for signing the Petition has been outstanding! Signatures continue to be submitted daily. Two more weeks to go.

Two items for action:

1. Be sure you have 'verified' your e-signature to ensure authenticity. The verification process requires that after you initially submit your information, you will receive an automated verifying email, to which you must respond. If you haven't taken this last step, please do so. (If you didn't receive the email, you might check your spam file, where it might have inadvertantly routed. If you can't find the verifying email, simply repeat the whole process again).

2. Pass the word! Encourage your family, friends and neighbours to also sign the petition. More is better!

1 thought on “Petition Update”

  1. I support all efforts to ensure sustained water levels in the Haliburton 5 lake chain. I have property on Soyers Lake.

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