2 Week Lake Level Forecast – Aug 10

Parks Canada again this year is kindly providing us on a weekly basis, their 2 week planned lake level adjustments. Parks Canada may include this information on their official web site in the future, but until that has been implemented, they have agreed to provide us the information to be shared via this web site. Thank you Parks Canada!

As we enter our late summer/fall draw down season, this provides our members key information for planning dock adjustments, boat removals, etc. Nobody wants to be stranded in the mud!

Click here for the forecast: http://cewf.typepad.com/Aug10_water_level_forecast.jpg

To help understand this data, here is a brief explanation:

 - the quickest way to see what is planned, is to look at the Target Differential column, and read for each lake how many inches (or meters) it will be raised or lowered during the 2 week period being shown (see Start Date and End Date).

– for a more detailed analysis, one can read the water height of each lake when it is at full capacity under the Full Level column, compare that to the height of the water as it was on the Start Date under that column (also included is how many inches it is 'down' from the full level), and then read the planned height of the water as of the End Date under that column. (Of course, the difference between the Start and End Date heights is the planned draw down, as shown in the Target Differential).

– it is important to remember that these numbers reflect the planned water level adjustments. Unforeseen occurrances such as heavy rainfalls can clearly cause the actuals to vary from the plan.