CEWF August 2009 Update

1. First the sad news – Bonnie Fleischaker, CEWF founder and tireless spirit, will be stepping down as the CEWF chair effective Sep 1/09. She will be missed, as she moves on to other things, but the CEWF mission she has spearheaded from its beginning will carry on.

2. The CEWF Advisory Council has adopted the following responsibility structure, effective Sep 1/09:

Co-Chairs – Chris Riddle, Martin Rist

Secretary/Treasurer – Roger Cunningham

Provincial/Federal Government Relations – Roger Young

Municipal Government Relations

 - Haliburton County – Chris Riddle, Martin Rist                                              

 - Southern Municipalities – Roger Cunningham, Ted Spence

Lake Association Liaison – Steve Foster

FOCA Liaison – Ted Spence

Source Water Protection Liaison – Bill Cornfield

Founding Chair – Bonnie Fleischaker

As always, please contact us with any questions or suggestions you might have.

3. Going forward, the CEWF objectives in the near future are to seek:
(a)  a response from Canada's MOE to the Panel's report, It's All About the Water;
(b)  the creation of an independent water management agency;
(c)  an integrated watershed management plan that will improve water conservation throughout the system without jeopardizing water levels in either the reservoir, flow-through or canal lakes;
(d)  representation of property owners along the shores of the reservoir & flow-through lakes in the Haliburton Sector on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee within an independent water management agency, or any other policy making authority responsible for the operation of the TSW.

Hope everyone has been having a good summer. The good news – a much lower risk from those damaging sun rays this year…