Lake Level Forecast: Sep 8 – Sep 22

Here is the 2 week forecast for the Haliburton Region lake draw downs, covering Sep 8 – Sep 22:

The lake levels continue to drop from their historically high levels.

2 thoughts on “Lake Level Forecast: Sep 8 – Sep 22”

  1. Re: Gull Lake. I am concerned that the “winter log level” has already been set. That is, the logs have been set early at approximately the same time they were in August 2008 when the lake drained to a very low level. Gull Lake is now draining as it only has two logs in the dam. How long it takes to be emptied also depends on if we get any rainfall but it is draining. We all want the water levels to stay on the higher side until after Thanksgiving and perhaps the winter level logs should not be set until later in September.

  2. Your concern is fully acknowledged, and shared by the majority of CEWF members. We are now actively working with Parks Canada to include water conservation in their decision criteria for managing lake water levels. We understand that the current draw down schedule is primarily driven by the timing of their staff availability in the fall, and the lake trout spawning times. We’ll keep everyone posted on the status and progress of improving the TSW draw down policies to better balance the needs of all stakeholders.

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