Where’s the snow pack…!?

We all remember last spring – the snow pack unexpectedly disappeared, resulting in very low water levels.

This winter again has been out of the ordinary. In response to our recent query, Dave Ness, Water Control Engineer for the TSW, has provided this update:

  • the water equivalent contained within the snow pack is below normal for this time of year
  • to mitigate low water conditions in the spring, TSW has commenced inserting stoplogs into the reservoir lake dams over the last two weeks
  • the majority of the large reservoirs have been logged
  • at many dams, there is insufficient water spilling over to insert more stoplogs at this time – essentially all flow would be cut off

Here's pulling for Mother Nature to send more snow!

Stay tuned to this site for further updates. Spring is just around the corner.

1 thought on “Where’s the snow pack…!?”

  1. “..a majority of the larger reservoir lakes..” Really means very few lakes have actually been logged. Not Percy – which hasn’t even been read since January and has dropped a foot this year already. Not Drag, although at least there is automatic sampling so the continuing drop there is at least visible.

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