Snow Pack Update

Per the TSW: As of mid-March, snow depth and moisture content in the Haliburton Region has remained well below average – 50% at some sites. TSW has continued to proactively insert stop logs to maximize water capture, and has now been to every site in Haliburton (with the exception of 3 isolated dams – Nunikani, Red Pine, and Sherborne. Stop logs will also be inserted at these sites in the near future.)

We have contacted TSW to inquire why their lake level web site is not being updated. They have explained that due to staff absences, they have been unable to make the updates, and will be operational again as soon as possible.

We shall be meeting with the TSW again in early April, and shall communicate updates from that meeting.

4 thoughts on “Snow Pack Update”

  1. Dave Wegner (Esson Lake)

    Regarding no updates on the lake level website, I contacted the director of canal operations at Parks Canada about no lake level updates in almost a month and he wrote me stating that “the water control engineer has been off work indefinatly thats why there has been no updates but the are working on a soloution”.

  2. Brian Edey - Percy Lake

    I had an e-mail on Mar 31 that indicated they were still working on it; but tonight
    [April 3] they have managed to post the last two weeks of reading for Percy.

  3. Dennis Choptiany

    I recently received an email from a fellow cottager on Koshlong. It explains a new problem caused by logs being put back into the dam, before the ice softens.
    > Have you been up to the lake recently? The Ministry put two logs back into the dam in February or early March. It has made a significant difference. The posts that support my waterfront deck are normally high and dry at this time of year but they are currently in about 10″ to 14″ of water. I think that there is a 50/50 chance that my deck will be crushed by the ice as a result. I know that Dave had significant damage to a large crib at his place. I am also advised that several of Dave’s neighbours have ice damage this year. While I am sure that the wind plays a significant role, I think that the increased water level is also to blame.
    Has anyone heard of anything similar on other lakes in Haliburton?

  4. There has been a serious downside to the early installation of stop logs by the TSW this year. While I can understand the intent to capture/hold maximum water in our lakes, and the need to ‘go early’ because of less than desirable snow pack, putting the logs in two weeks or more before normal means that the ice in the lakes rose sooner than expected. Then we had a cold snap, forming even more ice. This has now severely damaged shoreline on Little Glamor Lake, ripped out permanent docks as well as destroying moorings and attachments for floating docks. Many here are quite upset; TSW gave no warning, no communication, no water level information. We lose again.

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