CEWF Position Statement

The 2012 season will soon be getting underway, and with that the annual TSW set of activities and challenges. To keep us all working from the same play book, we have recorded the positions CEWF has adopted on the key issues:


In these positions, at our core we believe in managing the water at the 'watershed level'. To understand more fully what this entails, here is an information background paper:


Please read these to be informed. Share the information with all your friends and neighbours who are impacted by the TSW system. Note the section on 'what can I do?'. And send your questions or comments to cewfchair@yahoo.ca.


2 thoughts on “CEWF Position Statement”

  1. Bonnie Fleischaker

    Congratulations to the CEWF Advisory Committee for producing this excellent Position Statement. Hopefully every single RAFT lake property owner will read and act upon it.

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