How is my Lake Water Level…?

What's my water level? – we all have that important question about our lakes throughout the season. Happily the TSW is once again providing timely data on the actual measured lake water levels via their web site:

But then there is the very common follow-up statement – "I've never seen it like this in all my years!". True or false? Well to help more accurately quantify that, the TSW has agreed to provide us with its historical data for our lakes, measured since 1988. We have taken this data, and for each member lake created an information page showing the maximum, minimum and average lake levels by calendar date, as well as an explanation of how to read each chart. Look up your lake's historical data, and compare to its current status to better assess your situation:

Yes folks – we are experiencing some crazy weather again this year, and managing the water levels will be a major challenge. Stay informed, be prepared – summer is just around the corner, or is it here already…!?


(Note: if there is any CEWF member Lake Association whose information is missing, or if there are any questions on the information provided, please contact us at