TSW Water Levels – Status Update (May28/2012)

Based on information provided by the TSW and the data on their water levels website:
  • Despite an early spring thaw and below average rainfall in April, the TSW was able to get the reservoir lakes up to 95% of storage capacity as of the end of May
  • One log was removed from each of a few key dams in mid-May to maintain minimum flow rates in certain sensitive river channels;
  • There is a general lack of excess water capacity throughout the Kawartha lakes due to the lack of rain;
  • In order to conserve water, the flow rates on the key southern rivers, such as the Otonabee, have been reduced to the safe minimum;
  • Without significant rainfall, an early start to the draw-down of the reservoir lakes is to be expected – maybe as soon as the first week of June.

NOTE: Environment Canada is currently predicting 'below normal' precipitation for our region for May/June/July: