TSW Water Levels Update & Forecast

Following a very challenging winter and spring, the Haliburton District reservoir lakes draw down for 2012 has commenced – the earliest start in recent memory. On this date in an average year the system would be at 90% full; instead it is currently at only 84%. Everything is being done to maximize water conservation – flows are being maintained at minimum levels.

To keep informed, we are happy to report that TSW will again be providing us with their 2-week water level forecasts through the summer – here is the report dated July 9, showing the levels forecast for July 23:


(for anyone unfamiliar with this forecast, it shows the water levels measured on the start date, and forecast for the end date. The difference is under the heading 'Target Differential' – look at this number to see how much your lake level is forecast to change in the next 2 weeks).

Now let's all hope the rain forecast for the end of this week will be substantial!