Low water warning issued

From Parks Canada:
Parks Canada advises that there are low water 
conditions across most of the lakes within the 
Trent-Severn watersheds.
Residents should be aware that dam operations 
undertaken this week and planned for next week 
could contribute to low water levels in the 
Haliburton reservoir lakes.

This summer’s hot and dry weather conditions have resulted in evaporation rates across the
Trent-Severn watersheds that are much higher than normal, the department said.
As a result, the drawdown of the Haliburton reservoir lakes began earlier this summer and
with greater demand than normal to meet the varied needs for water across the Trent-Severn
Environment Canada is forecasting above normal temperatures for the remainder of the
summer, which will continue the rapid evaporation.
As of Aug. 16 most conservation authorities across southern Ontario reported either Level I or
Level II low water conditions, reflecting low stream flows and less than normal precipitation.
This is reflected across Eastern Ontario as well, with the Ottawa River Regulation Planning
Board is also reporting near historic low levels for this time of year.


1 thought on “Low water warning issued”

  1. I wouldn’t mind our water levels being lower than normal and earlier if our partners in the TSW used proper water conservation. Not once this year did I hear of Peterborugh practicing water restraint. There was never a watering ban on watering lawns or gardens, just the usual even, odd day useage. I don’t see Stoney or the other lakes being dropped but let the poor northern lakes take the hit. If we all shared in the pain then it would be OK, but it sure is not on an even playing field. Will my taxes be reduced as I can’t enjoy my lake like the privelaged Kawartha’s do. I think not.

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