CEWF Updates – Oct 2012

Information updates:

  • Meeting Notes from the 2012 CEWF AGM – click here
  • Municipal Resolutions in support of CEWF – click here
  • welcome to Dr. R. S. Lean, prominent environmental scientist, who joins CEWF Advisory Committee – click here

The Advisory Committee continues to work through the ramifications of the significant changes being proposed for Parks Canada and the TSW to ensure the interests of our CEWF members are not compromised – stay tuned for ongoing updates.


1 thought on “CEWF Updates – Oct 2012”

  1. Sirs, I can appreciate your efforts however I see no efforts to an equitable lake level in Highlands East. A new dam was installed and it is at least 1 foot lower than previous. There are feeder streams for fish to span and Otters to live that now resemble mud holes.
    I invite you to visit Tall Pine RD, in Wilberforce and stop at the little one lane bridge. I am ashamed to see the mess that MNR, Parks Canada, The Trent, has given us as a legacy to future generations

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