Rising Water Level Alert

Due to lower than average snowpack conditions, the Trent Severn Waterway has been reinstalling logs in several Haliburton dams earlier than usual in an effort to capture enough water to fill the lakes for the boating season. Lake levels are rising and in some cases water is 'flooding over the surface ice'. We understand that Big Hawk Lake has recently been rising more than an inch a day, flooding the ice and causing at least one snowmobile to become frozen into the resulting new ice overnight: this required a chain saw to free it. So pay close attention to ice conditions – and anything left on the ice overnight!

1 thought on “Rising Water Level Alert”

  1. Who might the genius be that decided to back the water up for boating this summer…? I’d like to invite them over for dinner tonight, . . .. oh, and bring a bucket.
    Surely this must affect spring wildlife habbits?
    Many trees will be killed.
    Septic systems backed up, etc. etc. etc?

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