CEWF July Updates

A summary of recent CEWF actions:

  1. Bill C530 Proposed Amendments: Following up on the significant deficiencies as seen by CEWF in the language of the Bill introduced by MP Devolin to establish a Trent-Severn Water Authority, an amendment proposal has been officially submitted by CEWF to PM Stephen Harper's Officeclick here.
  2. Flood Review Terms of Reference: Following up on MP Devolin's announcement for an arm's length review of the flood this spring (click here), CEWF has submitted its recommendations for Terms of Reference for this review. Devolin has advised that he has in turn submitted these to the new Minister of the Environment.
  3. Considerations for weir construction: A potential solution to address severe minimum water levels in flow-through lakes is the introduction of a weir at the lake outflow. As part of ongoing member support, those on the CEWF Executive Committee having a professional background in dam construction and hydrology are helping advise Lake Association(s), such as Maple-Beech-Cameron, wishing to investigate.