CEWF Comments on ‘AECOM Gull River Flood Review’

CEWF has completed its assessment of the AECOM Gull River Flood Review. To access – click here.

The AECOM report contains useful information, and helps provide an understanding of events. Unfortunately the Terms of Reference set by Parks Canada limited AECOM's ability to document lessons learned, and propose solutions. In our comments, we recommend next steps to be taken.

1 thought on “CEWF Comments on ‘AECOM Gull River Flood Review’”

  1. Dennis Choptiany

    All reputable reports on Climate Change indicate that extreme weather events (like the Calgary Flood and Minden Flood of 2013) will become more common and probably more severe. So, any statement that this was a 1-in-200 year event is completely meaningless.
    Weather patterns are changing and TSW Water Management personnel must do a thorough analysis of their policies and practices in order to account for future flood possibilities rather than merely looking at historical (pre-Global Warming) events.

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