Historical Water Level Data – 2014 Update

TSW has now updated their historical water level data tables to reflect years 1988 – 2013*. CEWF has taken this data, and created 'one pagers' for each lake. To access, click here.

For each lake, you will find the following information:

  • historical average/ maximum/ minimum water levels through the calendar year
  • dam specifications – # of logs/ maximum height, sill plate/ minimum height
  • operating parameters – spring target level, winter set level, annual design fluctuation

This is valuable information to assess how actual water levels compare to objectives and historical performance. We thank TSW for making this available to CEWF.

If there are any questions or difficulties in accessing the data, please email cewfchair@yahoo.ca.

(*Note: There are a few gaps in the data for some lakes, but generally the period 1988 – 2013 is covered.)