Municipal Elections Are Coming!

There are many important issues facing the municipalities in our region, and water is a key one. The energy and committment of our municipal leadership teams to this issue will have a significant impact. It is important to know where each candidate stands when making the voting decision.

To this end, CEWF will be sending an open letter to all the candidates in our CEWF member ridings asking them to define their positions. To read the letter – click here.

The letters are being sent as candidates declare, and their responses will be published on this website on an ongoing basis up to election day. Meanwhile familiarize yourself with the issues, and as you find yourself interfacing with the candidates at your AGM's and elsewhere, ask the questions.

"The property owners in these lake communities contribute approximately 80% of the municipal tax base and expect to see this reflected in local decision-making."

Election day – Oct 27, 2014. Be informed. Be sure to vote.