Reservoir Lakes Drawdown Update #3- Water Level Forecasts to September 22nd

The annual drawdown of the reservoir lakes continues. The Trent-Severn Waterway is posting weekly water level forecasts on its website. The latest posting is available at or by clicking here.
During the two week period ending September 22nd the following lakes are forecast to drop by 0.25m (10”) or more: Kennisis, Kushog, Haliburton, Percy, Redstone, Koshlong, Gooderham, Anstruther, Mississagua, Eel’s. Note that rain or operational issues may affect the accuracy of these forecasts.  Make sure that boats and docks are secured appropriately if you will be away from the lake during a period of significant drawdown!

2 thoughts on “Reservoir Lakes Drawdown Update #3- Water Level Forecasts to September 22nd”

  1. Bruce Ballentine Drag Lake

    Interesting that Mon on my way back from Toronto the trent at Bolsover was up to the lawns and dock edges. In other words close to flooding. Yet our lakes are down 3 ft.

  2. Appreciate you sharing your observation. At this time of year TSW is rapidly drawing down the reservoir lakes to achieve their winter set levels, causing high water flows. This final draw down must be completed by early October to not adversely impact the lake trout spawning.

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