2014 Water Levels Summary

At the end of December the TSW will reset its online water levels charts. In order to have a record of the 2014 water levels for all the reservoir and canal lakes CEWF has taken screen shots from the TSW site as of December 21, 2014. These include both the actual level water measurements as well as the historic extremes. The summary charts are organized by sub-watershed and appear in the same order as on the TSW site. They may be viewed by clicking below  (see also under 'TSW Water Levels').

Wishing all a Happy New Year!


1 thought on “2014 Water Levels Summary”

  1. Thanks,
    I really appreciate all of the great work that the CEWF Team does. Timely information on water levels and water-related issues is invaluable to all waterfront property owners.
    Dennis Choptiany
    Koshlong Lake

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