The 2015 TSW Reservoir Lakes Annual Drawdown has begun…

The annual TSW summer drawdown has begun. (For those who wish to understand this water management process in more detail – click here).

On this CEWF website we will be reporting the weekly data published by TSW Parks Canada showing the current water levels for each reservoir lake, and the water level changes forecast for the following two week period. This will help everyone make their plans for shoreline infrastructure adjustments – docks, boat ramps, etc.

To view the forecast dated 13/07/2015 – click here(to view the Parks Canada website – click here).

To make best use of this data, work with the date of the forecast and the column 3 'Target Differential' – how much the lake levels are forecast to change in the next 2 week period. (NOTE: The forecasts are based on planned log operations, and will be subject to actual rainfall events).

We thank TSW for responding positively to our requests to provide this information, and now to post it on their TSW website.

If you have any questions, forward to our CEWF email address –


1 thought on “The 2015 TSW Reservoir Lakes Annual Drawdown has begun…”

  1. Hi
    We have experienced much higher water levels on Horseshoe lake this summer..through to the labour day weekend. Is this the new normal, if so great….if not how can we ensure that this becomes the new standard..
    Thanks…Bob Proctor

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