TSW Capital Program – Update

In the summer of 2015, the government announced a major capital program to refurbish and replace capital assets in the Trent Severn Waterway including in the reservoir lakes. CEWF reported this announcement in detail on our website and at our September 2015 annual meeting. (For details on the announced funding see link posted on the CEWF website (CEWF.ca) on June 19, 2015 – click here)

The purpose of this report is to bring our lake association members up to date on the progress being made on the capital program in the reservoir lakes area based on CEWF’s ongoing communication with Parks Canada (TSW) officials – click here.

CEWF is in regular communication with TSW staff. We are providing to the TSW contact information of our member lake association representatives where work is being planned. Parks Canada (TSW) staff will provide additional information directly to impacted communities as it becomes available.