Reservoir Lake Level Fluctuation Data

Earlier this summer a Haliburton area real estate firm printed a map of the Trent-Severn reservoir lakes and included a table showing the annual fluctuations of each lake. This map and table has been widely distributed.

Several CEWF members questioned the validity of the data on water level ranges. The lake data in the table are misleading as they are based on the total number of logs in each dam.  Over the past 25 years, the TSW has never removed all logs from most reservoir lake dams in the annual late summer and fall drawdown, and hence the figures in the table exaggerate the fluctuation expected in any year. 

In response to the questions from our members, CEWF has produced a new document for our website, “What is the Historic Water Level Range on my Lake?”, which is a summary of water level fluctuations experienced on each of our reservoirs based on the actual TSW water level data for the period 1988 to 2013. To view – click hereIt is also posted on our website under 'TSW Water Levels'.

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