Water Level Forecast Aug 22 – Sep 5, 2016

As indicated in last week's Water Management Update (August 18) conditions have now stabilized to the point where TSW has posted a new forecast of reservoir water levels for the period from August 22 to September 5 – click here.

Last week's rainfall allowed TSW to replace logs in reservoir lake dams and water levels have now returned to at least average seasonal levels. Flows from the reservoirs have been reduced to minimums or near minimums to allow the high levels on the Kawartha Lakes to be managed. In a few cases where reservoir levels had become quite high there will continue to be significant drawdown.

There was less rainfall further south in Trent basin than was received across the reservoirs and drought conditions persist. Conditions are still changing rapidly and depending on future rainfall amounts it may be necessary to resume the draw on the reservoirs. As conditions evolve TSW may need to update this forecast and CEWF will ensure that we keep our members and subscribers informed of any changes.

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