Water Level & Management Updates – Aug 2, 2016

Water Level Forecast – click here

As the extreme drought over the Trent Basin continues with no real relief in the forecast, the drawdown of the reservoirs is accelerating. All of the Central Lakes (Mississagua, Anstruther, Crystal, Jack's and Eels Lakes), and most of the largest lakes in the Gull and Burnt Basins are seeing significant draws of more than 20cms over the forecast period. The highest drawdowns are on the lakes that have been furthest above average up to this date. Both Eels and Jack's Lakes have seen major draws over the past week with multiple logs pulls and significant increases in flows. It is expected that by the end of the forecast period most reservoirs will be below average levels for this date unless we receive significant rainfall.

All residents should monitor the weekly lake level forecasts to ensure they are aware of changing water level conditions.

Water Management Update – click here

As of Aug. 2nd the TSW has posted a new Water Management Update covering the whole Trent River Basin. It reviews the extreme drought situation we are facing and provides an overview of the water management strategies for each part of the basin.

(to view the TSW website pages, Forecast – click here, Management Update – click here)