Water Management Update – Mar 9/2017

For the Water Management Update of Mar 9, 2017 – click here

The summary for the Haliburton Region:

"Haliburton and Northern Areas Flows are elevated on the Gull and Burnt Rivers due to the recent warm up and rainfall in February. Lake levels are increasing and are higher than average; this is to be expected given the early season warm-up. Much of the water is being drawn off now to leave room for the remaining snow."

1 thought on “Water Management Update – Mar 9/2017”

  1. I understand that the Crystal Lake dam has at least 4 logs in it. The water at my beach and dock is nearly at early summer levels. I am concerned that with the main ice pack being over 20″ thick, there will considerable damage to docks and boathouses. Traditionally the logs weren’t put in until after the 31st of March when the fish huts had to be off. In addition it gave local contractors a window to repair dock and boathouse foundations before the water cameup.

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