Water Management Update – May 5/17

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From the Ontario MNRF, there is a Flood Warning issued May 5/17 for the Bancroft District – click here

Minden Hills –  Declaration of Emergency Status, May 6, 2017click here


From TSW, issued May 5, 2017:

Water Management Updates

May 5, 2017


Rainfall over the last week of April combined with a significant rainfall event early this week have resulted in total precipitation amounts ranging from 50-100 mm over that time period which have increased water levels and flows across the Trent-Severn Waterway. Currently Environment Canada has issued a Public Weather Alert for Southern Ontario as another rain event, that began on Thursday and will continue into the weekend, will bring an additional 40-70 mm to the area. Comparatively average rainfall for the entire month of May across the Trent-Severn ranges from 80-100mm. Environment Canada warns that “with the ground already saturated there is potential for local flooding”. Please check the website of your local conservation authority or the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for the most up to date watershed conditions (links can be found at the bottom of this page). 

Haliburton and Northern Areas 

After receiving 10-25 mm of rain at the end of April, the Haliburton area received significant rainfall in the first three days of May totalling 50-70 mm. Comparatively the average precipitation amount for the entire month of May in Haliburton is 93 mm. Subsequently the Gull and Burnt River Reservoir Lakes are full or overfull and levels will continue to increase due to the current weather system. The Gull and Burnt River flows have increased due to the rain and will continue to increase. The dams at Canning, Horseshoe, Twelve Mile, Gull and Elliot Falls (Moore Lake) are completely open. Central Lakes are full or overfull. 

Kawartha Lakes and the Otonabee River 

The Kawartha Lakes levels are overfull and will continue to increase due to the high flows from the Gull and Burnt rivers. The Otonabee River flow will continue to increase and flows will remain high. The dams at Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, Lovesick, Lakefield and Lock 19 are completely open. 

Rice Lake and the Lower Trent 

Rice Lake is overfull and will continue to rise due to increased flow on the Otonabee. Lower Trent will increase as well. The Hastings Dam 15 and Glen Ross Dam 7 are completely open. 

Severn River 

The Black River flow will continue to increase. Water levels and flows are high on the Severn River and will continue to increase. To mitigate flooding on the Severn, logs have been placed in dams at Washago, previously they were completely open. Dam operations are complete at Lake St. John to prevent backflow. The Whites, Crooked and Six Mile dams are completely open.