Water Management Update – Sep7/18

To view the TSW Water Management Update from September 7, 2018 – click here



The current two week forecast is calling for approximately 10 to 20 mm of rainfall. 


Water levels on the canal lakes and canal river reaches in general will be continue to be managed to seasonal values. The draw down of the Reservoir Lakes and Lake Simcoe will continue.

Haliburton and Northern Areas 

The water levels in the reservoirs lakes in general are above average. The Gull River reservoirs are 67% full. Burnt River reservoirs are 66% full. The Central Reservoirs are 68% full. The most recent drawdown forecast can be found here. https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/lhn-nhs/on/trentsevern/info/infonet/rabattement-drawdown-forecast


1 thought on “Water Management Update – Sep7/18”

  1. Mountain Lake is beyond 100% for this time of year. I have a map from the ministry of natural resources dated July 1976 that shows the deepest part of Mountain Lake to be 103 feet, the current map shows the depth to be the same 103 feet. I went on the lake with a sonar and found the deepest part to be 109 feet +, when are we going to get the water levels back to where they should be?

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