Municipal Election Summary

Summary of Responses from Elected Candidates, Municipal Elections, October 22nd, 2018

The CEWF received 24 responses to its questions from candidates elected to 39 councillor positions in the seven Trent watershed municipalities covering the reservoir area. These councillors were "on board" with declared support for the CEWF approach to integrated water management, with flood plain mapping and flood mitigation planning, with the need to update township official planning documents with respect to flooding, with the need for revisions to TSW water management strategies in the context of changing weather patterns, and with identifying trout spawning areas in the RaFT lakes.

Below are links to the pre-election questions put to the candidates by CEWF, and the responses from the 24 candidates who were elected.

CEWF Questions to Candidates [click here]

Responses from Elected Candidates. [click here]


Happy Holidays to all from the CEWF Executive Committee!