Water Level Forecast – July 10/19

For the two week TSW drawdown forecast for July 8 – 22: click here

2 thoughts on “Water Level Forecast – July 10/19”

  1. Just put a call into MNR in Mindon but just an answering machine. I live on Nogies Creek and have never seen the water level so low. We live just below the dam at the fish sanctuary.
    Can someone from this group give any explanation?

  2. I suggest you call the Trent Severn Waterway not MNR as that is the agency controlling the levels and flow from Crystal Lake the main source of Nogies Creek..
    we are aware that TSW is operating at minimum flows given the extreme heat and drought conditions of the last three week. That may have changed today if the forecast rain hit your area.
    In any case the two week drawdown forecast shows Crystal dropping by 16 cms or over 6” which should result in some increase to flows.

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