Water Management Update – July 19/19

To read the TSW Water Level Management Update from July 19, 2019 – click here

From the TSW:


Rainfall amounts for June have been below normal and spatially localized with the similar trends being observed for July. The 5 day forecast suggests that above average temperatures will remain. There is about 10-20 mm of rainfall forecasted for this week. Most of the rainfall forecasted is associated with thunderstorms and could be highly variable from one location to another.   


Despite the wetter than normal spring conditions the sudden shift to the current hot and dry conditions resulted in a quick reduction of local inflows and enhanced the rates of evaporation. As the system quickly transitioned from a surplus state to summer like conditions water management and operational activities were conducted to appropriately respond to the changes and resulted in water level and fluctuations across the system.

The Trent-Severn Water Management team will be actively monitoring the changing conditions. Any watershed condition updates will be released by your Conservation Authority. 

Haliburton and Northern Areas

Most lakes are near or above long term average water levels. The Gull River reservoirs are 91% full. Burnt River reservoirs are 91% full. The Gull and Burnt River flows are slightly below the average.  The Central Reservoirs are 91% full. The active drawdown will continue and the rate of drop will be largely dependent on the rainfall received. The most recent water level forecast.