Water Level Forecast – Aug 12/19

Some Reservoir Water Levels are Projected to drop fast. Many lakes are forecast to drop by between 20 and 50 cms over the next two weeks. To view the two week lake level forecast from TSW covering the period Aug 12 – 26 – click here
Over the last 6 to 8 weeks there has been very little rainfall over the northern half of the Trent Basin including the Kawartha Lakes and the Reservoir area. What rain there has been has been in the form spotty thunderstorms with no prolonged general rainfall.
The TSW has been managing the Canal at minimum flows in order to conserve available water. But the drought conditions and high temperatures causing evaporation have meant it is necessary to draw extra water from the reservoirs. In a few cases this has already resulted in below average levels for this date. However in the absence of significant general rainfall we are now facing the prospect of below average levels on many reservoir lakes.
In both 2016 and in 2018 we faced periods of drought across the basin. In 2016 the relief came with significant rainfall after August 15 while in 2018 the relief came in late July and in both cases extreme drawdown was not necessary. Now in 2019 we need significant rainfall to offset the risk of exceptionally low levels by later in the season.
All residents are reminded to monitor the weekly water level forecasts from TSW as well  as the Water Management Updates which are posted on the TSW Website and reposted here by CEWF. The conditions are changing constantly and water level management decisions are made on a daily basis reflecting current levels, flows and rainfall events.