CEWF 2019 Annual Communications Meeting


On Saturday, September 14th, 2019, the CEWF held its Annual Communications Meeting at the Haliburton Highlands Outdoor Association site outside of the town of Haliburton. The event was attended by many representatives from our 32 member lake associations. The meeting agenda included administrative reports from the CEWF Executive Committee including the report on the CEWF 2019 Priorities and Work Plan Review for 2019 presented by our Vice-Chair Bruce McClennan. (for presentation slides – click here)

Jewel Cunningham, Executive Director, Ontario and Waterways Parks Canada, presented a report on the Parks Canada capital construction program in the reservoir area indicating the current status of the many projects. (for presentation slides – click here)

The Chair of CEWF, Ted Spence, presented a review of the CEWF perspective on the 2019 water management experience. (for presentation slides – click here)

A detailed review of 2019 water management experience and the impacts of precipitation, temperatures, and very high snowpack was presented by Anna Ciorap, the TSW Water Management Manager. (for presentation slides – click here)

The water management presentations were most appreciated by the attendees in further understanding the complexity of the TSW System, and the issues presented by an exceptional snowpack, a wet spring, and 12 weeks of spotty rainfall and drought conditions over the reservoirs.

The meeting concluded with questions and discussions among the representatives from Parks Canada, CEWF and the lake associations present.