Water Management Update – Jan 15/20

From the TSW:


The 7 day forecast is indicating temperatures below zero degrees Celsius and snowfall amount of approximately 25 cm. 


The recent precipitation received over the last week, totalled approximately 50 to 75 mm of rain, snow, freezing rain and ice pellets.  This total precipitation resulted in high inflows which have increased water levels on lakes and river reaches.  The weather forecast suggests that inflows should steadily decrease in the smaller watersheds and declines in lake water levels is expected afterwards.  

The Trent Severn Water Management team will be actively monitoring the changing conditions. Any watershed condition updates will be released by your Conservation Authority or local Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources district.

Ice on Shorelines

The recent high precipitation event has increased water levels and as a result has moved the ice sheet on most lakes.  As the ice sheet is not attached at the shoreline it can be moved by windy conditions. The areas subject to the greatest potential ice impact are those facing the primary wind direction. In the event of strong wind conditions the public should be aware of possible onshore ice movement leading to shoreline damage. Also of concern is some of the colder temperatures that are forecasted for beginning of next week.  With high outflows on Otonabee and Trent Rivers there is a possibility of the formation of frazil ice and potential ice jams. 

Haliburton and Northern Areas 

In general, water levels in the Haliburton Reservoirs are above average; flows on the Gull and Burnt Rivers are above average.  Levels and flows are expected to peak in the next couple of days.   

Kawartha Lakes and the Otonabee River

The Kawartha Lakes water levels are above average; some lake levels are still increasing. Flows on the Otonabee River are above average for this time of year and are increasing.  Flows on the Otonabee River are expected to remain above average for the coming weeks.  

Rice Lake and the Lower Trent

Rice Lake water level is above average and leveling off. Flows on the Lower Trent River are above average and will remain very high for the coming weeks.

Severn River

Lake Simcoe water levels are above average. Flows on the Black and Severn Rivers are above average and are levelling off. Operations for Lake St. John were completed prior to the precipitation event.