CEWF 2020 Annual Communications Meeting

Summary of CEWF 2020 Annual Communications Meeting

On Saturday, September 12th, 2020, the CEWF held its Annual Communications Meeting utilizing a Zoom participant on-line virtual meeting methodology. The event was attended by many members from our 32 member lake associations. The meeting agenda included administrative reports from the CEWF Executive Committee including the report on the CEWF 2020 Priorities and 9 Point Work Plan Review presented by the CEWF Vice-Chair, Bruce McClennan (for presentation slides- click here).

David Britton, Director, Ontario Waterways, Parks Canada presented a report on the Parks Canada capital construction program in the reservoir area of the Haliburton Sector of the Trent Severn Waterway indicating the current status of many of the projects.  (for presentation slides – click here) 

The Chair of the CEWF, Ted Spence, provided an overview of the 2020 Water Management as viewed from the CEWF perspective. He highlighted the active water management by TSW in the face of drought conditions lasting for up to 14 weeks in some areas. (for presentation slides – click here)

A detailed review of 2020 water management strategies and experiences resulting from the variances in precipitation, temperatures, and the early snowmelt was presented by Anna Ciorap, Water Management Manager, Parks Canada, (for presentation slides – click here).        

The meeting participants asked and received answers to a number of their questions directed to the presenters. They expressed appreciation for the efforts made this difficult water management year arising from an early snowmelt, attempts to assure no spring flooding, drought conditions until later in July, and then significant rainfall subsequently.

Date of next year’s ACM – Saturday, Sept 11th – Fish Hatchery facility of the Haliburton Highlands Outdoor Association.

NOTE: To view the detailed Trent River Watershed Flowchart, see website under Reference Material, or click here