TSW Reservoirs Update – June 28/21

Significant Rainfall in Some Areas Trigger Dam Operations to Raise Water Levels in Reservoirs

CEWF has been communicating with the TSW Water Management Team to follow up on the recent rainfall events and dam operations.

The rainfall over the Trent Basin covered the whole basin on Friday but on Saturday and Sunday the patterns were much more variable. As of Monday morning the 3 day rainfall totals range from over 140mm in the north at Kennisis Lake to less than 30 mm over the Kawartha Lakes and even less further south over the Trent basin. This rainfall certainly helps to raise levels in reservoirs but it does not correct for the overall drought across the watershed. There is more precipitation in the forecast for later in the week and hopefully it will track further south over the Trent and provide a general rainfall over the entire watershed.

The TSW water management team has been active replacing logs in reservoirs. As of today dam operations will continue in an effort to control outflows and bring reservoirs back to closer to season levels while still maintaining the necessary flows south to maintain the Waterway levels on minimum flows.

It is expected that by mid-week we will see a new Drawdown Forecast posted and updated water levels have been posted on Monday morning. Readers are encouraged to link to the Water Level and Drawdown forecast pages by using the links in the upper right of this CEWF.ca webpage.