TSW Water Level Management Update



The 14-day forecast suggests a high-temperature trend for the watersheds of the Trent-Severn Waterway system. There is up to 30 mm of rainfall forecasted for the next 5 days. Most of the rainfall forecasted is associated with thunderstorms and could be highly variable from one location to another.


The watersheds of the Haliburton reservoirs experienced earlier than normal freshet, which in combination with warmer air temperatures has resulted in the loss of most of the winter snowpack by late March and the recession of runoff by early April. Assuming seasonal average precipitation going forward, the public can expect lake levels to remain near full during the month of May, and seasonal averages through the summer. Currently, flows are below average across the Trent-Severn watersheds.

The Trent-Severn Water Management team will be actively monitoring conditions. All watershed condition updates will be released by your Conservation Authority

Haliburton and Northern Areas

In general, water levels in the Haliburton Reservoirs are near average for this time of year. The flows on both the Gull and Burnt river, as well as the flow-through lakes are below average and therefore well within recreational limits. As usual, water levels are expected to gradually recede and flows are expected to remain stable, assuming average temperatures and precipitation.

Kawartha Lakes and the Otonabee River

The Kawartha Lakes water levels are above average and expected to remain stable. Flows on the Otonabee River are below average for this time of year and the river reaches remain in the standard navigation ranges. The dam in Lindsay, controlling the levels on Lake Scugog, has all logs in.

Rice Lake and the Lower Trent

Rice Lake is at average water levels, and the Lower Trent river reaches remain in the standard navigational ranges.

Severn River

Lake Simcoe water levels are average for this of year. Flows on the Black and Severn Rivers are below average and are receding. Operations for Lake St. John are completed for summer set.