TSW Drawdown Forecast – Aug 1/22

To view the 2-week TSW drawdown forecast covering August 1 – August 15 – click here

2 thoughts on “TSW Drawdown Forecast – Aug 1/22”

  1. I live on the west shore of lake couchiching in cuningham bay Water level has dropped about 8 in. since spring level. my dock is mostly useless as my boat is laying in the mud bottom and we are only in the middle of august. this seems to be happening often as years go by.Why do we put up with this inconvenience I would like to know.

  2. Ted Spence, Chair CEWF

    Sorry to be slow answering you. CEWF is focused on water management in the 35 reservoir lakes on the Trent river drainage side of the TSW. So I am not really able to comment on your situation. I suggest you contact TSW directly by email at
    Ted Spence
    Chair CEWF

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