TSW Drawdown Forecast – Aug 21/22

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  1. My family has been on Big Bob Lake for 65 years. While we realize that there hasn’t been much rain early in the season, there sure has been lately. Our water levels are dropping drastically and have dropped drastically over the past 2 weeks! Looking back at last years photos, 2020, 2019, and so on, water levels are lower then they should be. As Tax Payers on our lake, WE would like to be able to utilize our boat for my senior and disabled parents longer than 1-2 weeks after Labour Day. I remember the days when Gull Lake, Middle Bob, Little Bob, Pigeon, North Pigeon & Little Gull lakes levels dropped as well. Our Lake, Big Bob, seems to be the only lake that drops 9+ feet over the course of the summer. There is NO need. We are spring fed. We do not get our water from other lakes. We have a wonderful lake here and if it truly is “Equitable Water Flow”, MAKE IT EQUAL! We deserve to have water levels stay high enough to use our boats well into the fall as surrounding lakes mentioned above, do. I can assure you that my ex-husband and dear friend who keeps his cabin cruiser boat on Lake Simcoe, does not pay the taxes like we do, yet his boat stays in until Thanksgiving Weekend. I can also assure you that the Trent Canal is VERY full as I drive alongside it and over it on a weekly basis. PLEASE stop taking our water! (The excuse those in charge gave me a few years ago about “the fish spawning so it has to drop at this rate” is utter garbage as the fish spawn where it is now dry land!) Make Equitable Water Flow EQUAL for ALL of us! PLEASE FIGHT TO Stop taking Big Bob Lake’s Water! You ARE the “Coalition for Equitable Water Flow”, after all! Please fight for us!
    Thank you

  2. Ted Spence, Chair CEWF

    Hello Amy
    I am replying for CEWF. Having reviewed you current water level I note that as of August 26 it is about 5 cms above the long term average for the date as are most of the other lakes you compare your situation to. TSW uses equal % drawdown as their guide to lower all reservoir lakes at comparable rates based on their dam characteristics. You are right that in 2020 levels were higher around Labour Day but that was the result of significant rainfall events. You are also right that the Canal is full and the clear priority of TSW is always to manage it near a constant level from May 24 to Thanksgiving. Finally the fisheries drawdown explanation applies only to Lake Trout which spawn in fall and do not hatch until spring. The goal is to be at lowest level by mid October to reduce the risk of the spawn drying out or freezing over winter. I hope these comments help to explain the management regime on the reservoirs.
    If you link to the current water level graphs and the historic water level graphs through the links on the right hand side of this page you can compare your experience to the other lakes in the system.

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