TSW Posts First Drawdown Forecast of the Season

The TSW Has Released the First Drawdown Forecast for 2023  –  Click Here for the most current forecast

Given the wet weather we have been seeing this spring there is a significant amount of water in the entire system. It looks like we can expect to see only a small drop relatively speaking, with some of the larger drops forecast to be only 20 – 30 cm. Keep an eye on the weather and check in regularly as this hot spell will see a lot of evaporation and we may see more activity on the dams in the weeks to come.

From this point on the TSW Water management team will be releasing weekly updates to the drawdown forecasts which project out two weeks. This is a rolling forecast and it is important to monitor the forecasts weekly as conditions can change and the actual draw may be more or less than the forecast.

This is the first time for this new format so here is a little tour of the draw down portion of our new website. The most current draw down will always be in the Link at the top. If you are wanting to look back to see what the previous forecasts said you can Click Here to see a list of, and download the forecast you wish to see. If you are having any trouble accessing what you are looking for, you can contact us through the comments or the contact email at the bottom of the page. We hope you enjoy our new look and happy cotaging!