July 28 Drawdown Forecast Now Available

The Current drawdown is now available. You can CLICK HERE for the PDF version.

There was a slight change in the release of information this week from the TSW and this is why there is a slight delay in getting this drawdown forecast posted. We apologize for the delay.

With the draws being forecast and dam operations in full swing we continue to see large localized rain falls replenishing some of the larger reservoirs. Some have even seen slight and temporary increases in water levels despite the operations happening at the dam. Other reservoir lakes continue to drop at a consistent rate but above the average mark for this time of year. This causes us to point out that with the draws on the forecast it is also important to temper these numbers with you local rain forecast to get a better picture of what your lake is going to do. Mothe nature enjoys a good surprise from time to time.

Horseshoe and Mountain Lakes are going to be seeing abnormal water management leading up to the National Whitewater Championship. TSW has not issued any notice to us to this end, however; it is worth mentioning that the event will take place from August 21 to 27. This event does use a lot of water, and so we can infer that it will likely reflect in the water levels of these lakes.