October 2nd Drawdown Forecast Now Available

The Current drawdown is now available.

This is it. We did it! We have reached the end of the active water management season. TSW has informed us that this will be the last drawdown forecast for this year. For the most part it looks like lakes are at their winter set levels already, and those that are not, will be in the next short while. After this last water drop we can expect to see dam operations only in very extreme circumstances. Lakes and rivers will rise and fall minimally and naturally with the weather. Over the winter we are going to be in regular contact with the TSW management team, and will post here when we receive news of anything that will be out of the ordinary. The CEWF would like to thank you all for your support and we hope you had a great cottage season. We look forward to seeing everybody next year.

As always,  you can access the PDF version here, and if you want to look back at the past you can access the archive here.