The Blame Game…?

This has been a rough year for TSW water levels – no doubt about that. Understandably there has been much frustration expressed regarding both the spring flood and the high fall water levels. But to be productive in addressing these important issues, we must:

  1. understand the facts,
  2. look for lessons learned, and
  3. chart corrective action plans going forward.

To this end, CEWF has responded to some of the recent communications in the press. To read – click here. (FYI – Minden Times website).

So we have the facts – Mother Nature is what she is, and with climate change is forecast to only get less predictable. Let's focus our energies on where to go from here to mitigate future problems – watershed planning, flood plain mapping, hydrological studies, infrastructure investments, mandate revisions. It's a growing list, and it's time for action.