Very High Water Levels on Many Lakes

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Happy Canada Day

Everyone is aware that over the past 10 days, we have experienced considerably above normal precipitation, including some large volume over this past weekend. The volume has been quite variable over the Haliburton Sector, with much heavier volumes as you move to the more northern reservoirs lakes.

We have been in touch with the TSW several times over this latest period, and can advise that the TSW has been on daily active water management with log management. Overall the reservoir lakes are above average for this date, and many are full or slightly higher levels. The TSW are attempting to bring these reservoir lakes to slightly below full, but being very cautious of the implications to rivers and other lakes downstream.

The TSW are looking at precipitation forecasts for the week ahead from a variety of sources, and it appears that there is more rain possible this coming.

We encourage your members to anticipate the implications of the current situation on your lake with possible more rain.

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