Water level Forecast – July 22/19

Expect a major drop in reservoir levels over next 2 weeks
The new drawdown forecast announces a major drop in levels on many of the reservoirs. Many reservoirs will drop more than 30 cms (1 foot) over the next two weeks with some dropping more than 40 cms. Flow-through lakes and rivers will see significant increases in flow rates.
To view the two week water level forecast for the period July 22 – August 5, 2019 – click here
The last few weeks have seen very high temperatures and drought conditions with only spotty rainfall over the Trent basin. Evaporation rates have been high from the large lakes, and the inflows from local drainage have dried up in many areas. In response the TSW has moved to conserve water by adjusting dams to minimum flows on the Kawartha Lakes and the Otonabee and Trent Rivers. Until now this has allowed the reservoirs to be held high to conserve water.
However the situation has now reached the point where a significant draw of water from the reservoirs is required to sustain the minimum flows downstream. If the drought conditions persist we may be looking at a continuing serious decline in water levels over the next few weeks.
Readers should check the weekly drawdown forecasts to be sure you are prepared for water level changes. We will continue to publish them on this website. As always you can reach CEWF at cewfca@gmail.com