Water Management Update – end May 2015

As a result of very low water levels on most reservoir lakes heading into the spring runoff period and only a moderate snowpack, there was concern through the spring that it would be a struggle to fill the reservoirs.  To a degree this was the case.  The Trent Severn Waterway (TSW) captured what runoff existed with early placement of stop logs.  While this captured water in the reservoir lakes, it did lead to low levels in flow-through lakes such as Maple and Beech.  A heavy rain in April did contribute to the reservoir filling.

While May has been generally dry throughout the basin, reservoir volumes overall have reached 95% of full. Most lakes are at or just above their average levels for the end of May.  There are exceptions.

  Crystal, Eels and Jack Lakes on the southeast side of the basin are below average by 0.2 to 0.45 m.  Depending on rain in June, it is our understanding that, subject to local operating requirements, TSW will draw on other reservoirs until the discrepancy in equal percent drawdown is balanced.

As in the past we are requesting that TSW provide us with a two week look ahead forecast for lake levels during the summer navigation season.  These forecasts typically begin in mid-July.  

1 thought on “Water Management Update – end May 2015”

  1. Water levels on Halls Lake are rising and have been since ice out. All the logs are in at the Buttermilk Falls dam on Halls and at the log shute dam on Big Hawk. Downstream flow out of both Big Hawk and Halls is limited to the leakage between the logs. People are expressing concern about rising water levels in relation to docking systems installed around the May 24th long weekend.
    We’ve had a lot of rain recently but rising water levels and minimum flow at the dams have people speculating that additional water is being held back above Minden for the Pan Am Games. Are the Games a factor or is this situation un-related to that upcoming event?

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