Water Level Forecast Aug 8 – Aug 22

Reservoir water levels projected to drop sharply. For the full forecast click here
The extreme heat causing high evaporation rates and a near total lack of precipitation has led to a worsening of the drought conditions over the Trent Basin. Water is now being drawn from across the reservoirs to maintain only minimum flows further south in the system.
The forecast from Parks Canada sets out the projected drop in water levels between August 8th and August 22nd. Most of the reservoirs in the Gull River system will drop by more than 20cms by August 22nd, with Hawk, Kennisis and Redstone seeing drops of over 40cms. In the Burnt River basin most reservoirs will see drops of over 20cms while the Central Lakes (Eels, Crystal, Mississagua, Anstruther and Jacks) will see more extreme drawdowns.
(to view the Parks Canada website – click here)

3 thoughts on “Water Level Forecast Aug 8 – Aug 22”

  1. Am I reading this chart correctly. The water level will drop 3.66m from the high-water mark this spring? A 12 foot drop?

  2. ​Yes – if you go to the TSW website (see upper right hand corner of our CEWF website for the link) you will see that the graph is labeled with both lake names. There is no level change between these two bodies of water.​

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